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New album 'A Future Imperfekt' out now everywhere!
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Founded in 2011 CMDR RIKR ("Commander Riker") quickly evolved from a duo to a four-piece, exploring the vast areas between stoner-rock, doom-metal, jazz and progressive rock. Think of post-rock as "we come from rock and we left it behind, but not really". Always in for noisy sound experiments, heart-wrenching melodies and heavy grooves.

Follow our day-to-day shenanigans on Facebook or enjoy our œuvre on Bandcamp.

Listen to "A Future Imperfekt"

Order now!

"A Future Imperfekt" is available physically on vinyl/cd and digitally as high-res download. Get your copy at Data File Music or your favourite online store.

Listen to "Reworks from The Bright Below"

Order now!

"Reworks from The Bright Below" is available as stream virtually everywhere. Get an exclusive as high-res download package at Data File Music.

Listen to the album "The Bright Below"

"What is that? A band that sounds like some 70s dropout coming back to life? Or a new incarnation of the Leitmotif-phase Dredg? A chamber music ensemble meeting a triphop producer who shows them some Canterbury meets Doom records? It's much simpler than that - it's CMDR RIKR. [...] The Bright Below is my secret insider tip for 2021, that's for sure. Only randomly do I come across a total newcomer band that really, deeply impresses me with all their musical ambition but at the same time are not trying to outshine each other (or their own songs) and are always able to surprise me. CMDR RIKR - please bring us up to Warp 5!" - Veil of Sound

"On 'The Bright Below' CMDR RIKR present us with sophisticated music that works like interpersonal communication. The individual songs are structured like fragments of a conversation consisting of facial expression, gestures and talk. The way things are with human interaction, not everything runs a linear course. [...] The sophomore effort is a diverse and multifaceted piece of music that invites you to listen closely." -

"The sonic structures are multi-layered and complex, marbled with streaks of melancholy as well as bursts of energetic guitars. [...] The central piece is 15-minute track 'Warp 0' that pulls about all the stops. Here you are downright beamed up into high-grade progressive spheres. Thereby, 'The Bright Below' suspends the non-interference directive even for those who usually have little use for progressive rock." - Gezeitenstrom

"In the irregular opening of 'Into Twine', the sour guitar riff merges with the rough bass, which merges in a surreal way with the grotesque piano. This is followed by the sensitive caress of 'Algieba' with an avant-garde post-rock style. [...] An incredible composition to really relax in a desolate world [...] Before we close, let's go back to the tricky days of 'Rainflake' and the progressive, jazzy arpeggio. The scheme consists of a chamber piece that turns on an immense light when listening. [...] We close with the aggressive distortion of 'Untwine', which connects the opening track in a different way, but with the same intensity, for a more refined and important ending." - grindontheroad

Order now!

"The Bright Below" is available as stream virtually everywhere. Get an exclusive as high-res download package including the single "Warp 0" at Data File Music.

Listen to the debut album "Distress Signal"

"Distress Signal offers a lot of variety, it is at the same time melancholic and powerful in a peculiar way." - Polyprisma

"Fragile, sedate post-rock sounds, offering sagingly slow rythms and suprising sublteties, are being developed into more agressive, powerful, doomy guitar riffs." - Babyblaue Seiten

"Post-Rock in its best shape, it’s explosive and sweet." - Echoes And Dust

"Five tracks oscillating between ruminant, fragile sound scapes and rough moments inspired by heavy metal genres stoner and doom." - Schallgrenzen

Order now!

"Distress Signal" is available physically on vinyl/cd and digitally as high-res download. Get your copy at Data File Music or your favourite online store.


Official visuals to Apophenia takem from the album "A Future Imperfekt". Video by Christoffer Grunau.

Warp 0

Official visuals to the single edit of "Warp 0". Video by Skylab Studios.


Shot summer 2017 while we recorded "pwnRshp" in "Die Tonmeisterei". Video by Skylab Studios.

The Bright Below EPK clips

The recordings to "The Bright Below" were quite the journey - five engineers share their thoughts. Videos by Skylab Studios.

Recording Algieba

Sneak peek of "Algieba" from our forthcoming second album. Video by Skylab Studios.

Live Impressions

Highlights from an outdoor gig in 2014. Visuals and Video by Skylab Studios.

New York

Official clip for "New York" (single mix). Video by Skylab Studios.

Upcoming Events

For booking inquiries feel free to contact us at booking/at/

Past Events

13‑01‑2024-Alhambra, Oldenburg w/ Eta Lux, Fuser, Okolyt
15‑12‑2023-Polyester, Oldenburg w/ BRUECKEN, A Thousand Vows x Tarkatak
18‑11‑2023-Canceled: Nexus, Braunschweig w/ Ştiu Nu Ştiu, f3rn
17‑11‑2023-Headcrash, Hamburg w/ Galactic Empire
14‑10‑2023-Helicon Fest Volume One, Oldenburg w/ BRUECKEN, Billion One, Shamotte, Coping Mechanism, Glasgow Coma Scale, Heimlich Manøver, Mondan
02‑12‑2022-Canceled: Die Flänzburch, Oldenburg w/ Math on Monday
25‑11‑2022-JUKZ, Rhauderfehn w/ Besides
28‑10‑2022-Grusy, Emden w/ Billion One
14‑10‑2022-LOK Kulturzentrum, Jever
24‑09‑2022-Canceled: Helicon Festival, Oldenburg w/ Heimlich Manøver, Coping Mechanism, BRUECKEN, Billion One, Shamotte, Mondan
10‑05‑2019-Cadillac, Oldenburg w/ The Machine
28‑03‑2019-Umbaubar, Oldenburg w/ Shamotte, Judas Hengst
15‑09‑2018-Wagenplatz, Oldenburg w/ Magma Waves
04‑02‑2018-Graf-Anton-Günther Forum, Oldenburg
27‑01‑2018-Bastard Club, Osnabrück w/ The Hirsch Effekt
18‑11‑2017-JUKZ, Rhauderfehn w/ MMTH, Shamotte
14‑10‑2017-Finissage in der Galerie Humboldt Schlüter e.V., Bremen
06‑10‑2017-Grusy, Emden w/ Shamotte
08‑08‑2017-MTS LP's CD's, Oldenburg w/ Wrekmeister Harmonies
05‑05‑2017-Lauter Farben Hören, Polyester Klub, Oldenburg w/ III, MMTH
28‑04‑2017-Spiral of Noise, Hochbunker, Kiel w/ Toner Low, Känguin, ZQKMGDZ, Monza
07‑04‑2017-Döser Börse, Cuxhaven w/ YYXYY
03‑12‑2016-Canceled: Polyester, Oldenburg w/ Beehoover
26‑11‑2016-Zollkantine, Bremen
22‑10‑2016-Blauer Engel, Lübeck w/ Känguin & Unknown Connection Failure
08‑10‑2016-Tiefgrund, Berlin w/ III
07‑10‑2016-Nexus, Braunschweig w/ Rosa Parks & Noir Reva
20‑08‑2016-Ars Vitae, Rodewisch w/ Harey & Kalandra
06‑08‑2016-Außerhalb, Bremen w/ Welk
24‑06‑2016-Denkmal, Salzburg
11‑06‑2016-Wagenburg, Oldenburg w/ Welk, Nap & Doperuler
01‑04‑2016-Unterhalb, Bremen w/ Hypertonus, Brennholzverleih & Buddar
05‑11‑2015-Polyester, Oldenburg w/ The History of Colour TV
17‑10‑2015-Wild Rover, Aachen w/ Cellahead
12‑09‑2015-Tiefgrund, Berlin w/ Seneca
11‑09‑2015-Jekyll & Hyde, Lüneburg w/ T.I.M.
28‑08‑2015-Pooca Bar, Hamburg w/ WMSIUTT
27‑08‑2015-Duncker, Berlin w/ Loipe
03‑07‑2015-Generator-Konzert, Oldenburg w/ Nap & Billion One
02‑05‑2015-Polyester, Oldenburg w/ The Aqualung
06‑12‑2014-Holodeck Studio, Oldenburg
27‑09‑2014-Generator-Gig Dalbenstraße, Oldenburg
22‑08‑2014-Freeflow Open Air, Wendland
31‑07‑2014-Papagei, Minden
25‑07‑2014-Moorrock Festival, Elsfleth
09‑05‑2014-Pferdestall, Schortens w/ The Aqualung
02‑05‑2014-Vinyl-Release-Party irgendwo in Oldenburg unter freiem Himmel
28‑03‑2014-Release-Party im Polyester, Oldenburg w/ Kosmoberkh & The Aqualung
15‑02‑2014-Villa Rotenburg, Rotenburg w/ Whores of Babylon
17‑08‑2013-Sommerfest, Hosüne
14‑06‑2013-Umbaubar, Oldenburg w/ Shamotte
22‑05‑2013-Irgendwo in Oldenburg
09‑05‑2013-Polyestival, Oldenburg
19‑04‑2013-FST Bürgerfelde, Oldenburg
19‑01‑2013-Unter der Brücke #3
14‑12‑2012-Unter der Brücke #2
07‑11‑2012-Polyester, Oldenburg
20‑10‑2012-Unter der Brücke #1


Feel free to contact us at mail/at/

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